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    Frequently Asked Questions from Hiring Companies

    Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions About Vervepool

    Welcome to Vervepool! So, you’ve got questions, do ya? Great, we’ve got answers! Take a peak below and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out to us any time at

    1. What is Vervepool?

    Vervepool is an online platform that connects top brands and the marketing agencies who represent them with the best promotional staff for consumer events.

    2. What type of staff can be sourced through Vervepool?

    Think of Vervepool as your one-stop-shop for on-demand promotional staff for your consumer events. From brand ambassadors to bartenders, you are sure to find what you’re looking for. Some of the most common gigs sourced through Vervepool include the following: Brand Ambassadors, Product Specialists, Promotional Models, Emcees, Service Staff, Bartenders, Product Samplers, Street Teams, Greeters, Costume Characters, Team Leads, Event Managers, Hosts and Hostesses.

    3. Where can staff can be sourced through Vervepool?

    Vervepool currently operates throughout the United States.

    4. Is there a subscription fee for joining Vervepool?

    No, joining Vervepool and creating a profile is 100% free of charge.

    5. How does Vervepool make money?

    Vervepool charges hiring companies a 15% service fee for each gig booked. Additionally, a 3% payment processing fee is passed through to hiring companies for a total of 18% per transaction.

    6. How do I pay the talent?

    Vervepool makes paying talent simple and secure. At the time of booking, your company credit card will be deducted the full amount of the job + Vervepool fees. Vervepool will then hold this amount in escrow until satisfactory completion of the job, after which payment will be released to the talent.

    7. What happens if I hire someone through Vervepool and they don’t show up for their shift?

    In the extremely rare case of a “no-show,” the hiring company would receive a full refund.

    8. How does the Vervepool rating and review system work?

    At the conclusion of every job booked, both the talent and the hiring company must rate one another and have the option to leave a review.

    9. Can I get an official invoice for each gig booked?

    Yes, all payments made result in invoices that can be downloaded and/or printed.

    10. Are Vervepool talent users employees of Vervepool?

    No, the relationship between a company booking talent through Vervepool and the talent is that of two independent contracting parties.


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