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    Pricing That’s Simple & Transparent

    And a payment system built with the best interest of both parties in mind.

    With Vervepool, there are no setup fees or subscription fees. No recurring fees or “we gotcha” fees. In fact, for staffers, there are no fees at all! Hiring companies simply pay the total amount they define for a given job plus a 15% service fee and 3% payment processing fee for each gig booked.

    Piece of Mind Payment

    With the Vervepool Escrow Payment System

    Vervepool makes payment safe, secure and fair for both parties. At the time of booking, hiring companies pay for the job via credit card and the payment is safely set aside until the gig is complete. Upon satisfactory completion of the job, funds are authorized to be released by the hiring company and paid to the staffer via direct deposit.

    If a hiring company fails to respond to a completed job submission within three business days, the escrowed funds are automatically released to the staffer as the failure to respond is deemed approval to release payment.

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