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    Frequently Asked Questions from Vervepool Talent

    Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions About Vervepool

    Welcome to Vervepool! So, you’ve got questions, do ya? Great, we’ve got answers! Take a peak below and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out to us any time at

    1. What is Vervepool?

    Vervepool is an online platform that connects top brands and the marketing agencies who represent them with the best promotional staff for consumer events.

    2. What type of gigs can be found on Vervepool?

    Vervepool is where companies come to source on-demand promotional staff for consumer events. From brand ambassadors to bartenders, there are a variety of great opportunities available. Some of the most common gigs sourced through Vervepool include the following: Brand Ambassadors, Product Specialists, Promotional Models, Emcees, Service Staff, Bartenders, Product Samplers, Street Teams, Greeters, Costume Characters, Team Leads, Event Managers, Hosts and Hostesses.

    3. Where are gigs found on Vervepool located?

    Vervepool currently operates throughout the United States.

    4. Is there a subscription fee for joining Vervepool?

    No, joining Vervepool, creating a profile and applying for gigs is 100% free of charge. In fact, Vervepool doesn’t charge talent users any fees at all.

    5. How does payment work through Vervepool?

    Vervepool makes getting paid simple, fast and secure. At the time of booking, the hiring company’s credit card will be deducted the full amount of the job. Vervepool will then hold this amount in escrow until satisfactory completion of the job, after which the funds will be released directly into the talent’s checking account. This process allows talent to get paid in a matter of days after the job is completed, not months!

    6. Why is Vervepool asking for my bank account information?

    In order to process payment as quickly as possible via the escrow payment system noted above, all payment is managed via direct deposit. Note that you are not required to add your banking details until you are offered your first gig and are ready to accept.

    7. What type of info can I add to my Vervepool profile page?

    The key to success on Vervepool is the talent profile page. Here, you can feature everything from photos and videos to education and interests. While profile page setup is easy and intuitive, we suggest you take your time to create a robust page that best showcases why companies should hire you!

    8. How does the Vervepool rating and review system work?

    At the conclusion of every job booked, both the talent and the hiring company must rate one another and have the option to leave a review.

    9. Can I share my Vervepool profile with people who are not yet members of Vervepool?

    Yes, you can elect to make your profile “public” and choose a unique and dedicated URL that you can share with anyone, whether they are signed on with Vervepool or not. This enables you to leverage your profile to get any gigs, not just the ones you find on Vervepool.

    10. Are Vervepool talent users employees of Vervepool?

    No, the relationship between a company booking talent through Vervepool and the talent is that of two independent contracting parties.

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