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    Vervepool Talent Spotlight: Christina Zolotova

    Life on the Road With an Experiential Marketing Nomad

    Within the experiential marketing industry, there are a ton of different promotional staffing opportunities available. From product sampling at a local grocery store with an organic food brand to traveling on the auto show circuit as a product specialist, brands from virtually every industry are hiring on-demand staff for their consumer events and experiential marketing activations. Some of the most coveted gigs of all are those found on “mobile tours” or “road shows.” The reason being that for the right type of person, this is a unique opportunity to travel across the country promoting a brand, seeing new things, meeting new people and getting paid to do it!

    We recently caught up with one such person as she was making her way through southern California on a nation-wide tour for Bose, promoting their super-cool new sunglasses with built-in Bose speakers for an immersive audio experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Christina Zolotova is an experiential marketing veteran who has seen and done it all, but finds these types of tours to be the perfect marriage between what she enjoys doing professionally and the nomadic lifestyle she chooses to live. Christina was gracious enough to take some time from the tour to chat with us and share some wisdom from the road.

    Christina is a unique Vervepool member in that she’s both booked talent through Vervepool as an Event Manager and booked gigs through Vervepool as a Brand Ambassador. With that said, it should be noted that she booked this gig with Bose outside of Vervepool.


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