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    Vervepool Talent Spotlight: Erika Ponce de León

    Following Your Passions Down a Road to Doing What You Love

    Their is a certain magic that happens when you marry someone who is passionate about a brand with the opportunity to work for that brand. They come with a level of knowledge and authentic enthusiasm for the brand that shines through when engaging with consumers during an event or experiential marketing activation. It’s the best case scenario for the consumer, the talent and the company that’s being represented.

    In early 2018, not too long after Vervepool’s launch, we met Erika Ponce de León when she connected with Ducati through Vervepool for a VIP Reception they were hosting in her home town of Chicago. Most people would be excited for an opportunity to work with such an amazing brand, but for Erika, it meant something more. Erika comes from a family of motorcyclists who own Ducatis. Her dad rides. Her brother rides. Even her mom rides! And yes, Erika rides too. It was a match made in motorcycle heaven.

    Fast forward a year and Erika just booked her second gig with Ducati as a Brand Ambassador through Vervepool, this time in sunny San Diego, CA where she now resides. She was kind enough to spend some time with us to chat bikes, experiential marketing and following your passions.


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